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Industrial light and magic

Panasonic in the UK and Ireland has been working closely with Londis DCU to install high-tech lighting and camera systems that improve customer experience instore.

Loss prevention in retail: theft is not a faceless crime
Loss prevention in retail: theft is not a faceless crime. Author: Ye-Un Lee Strasburger, Business Development Manager, Panasonic Germany Loss prevention in...
Londis DCU – Ireland

Londis DCU has incorporated numerous Panasonic technologies in to its newly built retail technology showcase at Dublin City University.

Retail Theatre: setting the stage for success
Retail theatre is THE hot topic in physical retail. In fact, my colleagues and I received a staggering number of enquiries on this topic while exhibiting at Retail Week’s Tech. event. So how do you achieve this? Here are five tips.
A CITY IN 4K - FUTURE-PROOF CCTV SOLUTION. Antonio Decaro explains, “The issue of urban safety is one shared by all metropolitan areas.
Accuracy concerns could stall facial recognition adoption
With the efficacy of facial recognition technology coming under scrutiny from recent negative news coverage, there are concerns regarding the future of security analytics. Karen Sangha, Field Marketing Manager for Panasonic Security Solutions, discusses.
Get connected: Merseyrail's new trains will feature free wifi - even in tunnels and underground stations
Get connected: Merseyrail's new trains will feature free wifi - even in tunnels and underground stations. Panasonic to deliver wireless connectivity across...
Panasonic – more than consumer electronics?
Panasonic – more than consumer electronics?. Author: Sean Taylor,Head of Retail Solutions UK Our brand name is heavily associated with televisions,...
Data: Top 30 retailers by store sales densities
In-store tech is a crucial weapon for driving footfall and conversion, according to Retail Week research that ranks retailers on sales densities.
Is the death of traditional retail truly upon us?

We know that the retail landscape is changing rapidly, but is speculation around the death of traditional bricks and mortar retail stores overblown?

How far can Amazon really ‘Go’?

Since its big fanfare opening, Amazon Go has become a firm establishment in Seattle and is now set to open in Chicago and San Francisco. What seemed like a futuristic concept is fast cementing itself as a retail reality.

Belgian railways shifts to a higher gear in digitization thanks to the Toughpad FZ-M1

Belgian Railways aims to offer a better service to its customers by expanding the payment options on board and also enabling train conductors to provide passengers with up to date travel information. The Toughpad FZ-M1 is part of the new ITRIS solution.

An upgrade for SNCF

Paris Saint-Lazare train station operations centre undergoes a major overhaul with Panasonic LF series displays and FZ-G1 Toughpad.

Off-grid energy powers on-track comms

Panasonic and ADComms, in partnership with poweroasis, installed a hybrid energy solution lineside, making use of twelve 250W Panasonic Solar Panels, connected to a 235 Ah Li-ion battery solution and supplemented with a 6kW diesel generator, reducing diesel use, and accompanying environmental impact and costs.

Retail Systems Awards 2018 puts store in Panasonic’s retail solutions

Panasonic Business has been awarded In-Store Technology of the Year for its Automated Shelf Monitoring Solution at the Retail Systems Awards 2018.

Panasonic bags retail award nomination

Panasonic Business has been shortlisted for supplier of the year at the Tech. AWARDS 2018 for its Automated Shelf Monitoring Solution which prevents retailers from revenue loss.

Panasonic Business showcases its latest innovations at CeMAT 2018

Panasonic Business was showcasing last week at CeMAT 2018, one of the most important events for the logistics market. We were exhibiting the result of over 100 years of tireless innovation.

Railway Cyber Security Threats and the NIS Directive

Whilst it’s understandable that GDPR has been getting a lot of airtime recently, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been as much on this other EU directive. It will arguably have a bigger effect, particularly for the rail industry, and require a much more comprehensive approach to information security.

How retailers can use video analytics to improve in-store experiences and efficiency

At Panasonic, we are working with retailers across Europe to bring these impactful in-store technologies to reality. Video analytics in particular can play a vital role across three key areas of the Connected Store.

Transportation – How will big data change the face of rail travel?

The ‘big data revolution’ signals time for for the rail industry – to become safer, more efficient, and tailored. As with every revolution, be it the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution, the impact of such a movement brings fundamental changes, challenges opportunities.


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